Liudas Baronas

iOS Developer

Passionate about bringing new ideas into the world of future mobile platforms and design 🚀

My professionalism consists of determination, curiosity, responsibility and precision.

City of

Vilnius, Lithuania

or anywhere else in the world 🌍


years of developer experience

Graduate of

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

with a degree in

Information Systems


iOS Engineer

(Jan '24 - Present)


• Vinted is known to have become Lithuania's first “unicorn”, a start-up valued at over 1 billion euros. It was TOP-10 among other "unicorns" (founded after 2000) in CEE in 2021.
• Together with team engineers, refine, drive and develop product team related functionalities on platform safety.
• Ensuring that platform services are useful and usable, and members are safe from harmful content and activities.
• Be responsible for publishing new mobile app related improvements for over 20 million iOS users across the Vinted platform.
• Working on big-scale projects and have a broad understanding of the solutions and their interactions.

(Lithuanian hydrometeorological service)

iOS Developer

(Jan '24 - Present)


• Developing public mobile application for providing Lithuanian region weather via the governmental weather service from scratch. • Implementing Clean Swift (VIP) architecture pattern.
• Including SwiftUI user interface building, Combine asynchronous programming, Google Maps data mapping, Firebase Analytics tracking and Crashlytics application stability overview frameworks.
• Building custom self-refreshing iOS widgets with WidgetKit.
• Automating code signing, dSYMs Crashlytics upload, TestFlight deployment flows with Fastlane.

(Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken)

iOS Developer

(Mar '23 - Sep '23)


• Contract work (outsourced through Baltic Amadeus) on developing savings & investment related iOS application features.
• Writing UI tests in Gherkin language with Cucumberish + XCTUITest frameworks.
• Ensure quality and good user experience for more than 800 thousand clients.
• Participation in launching new features to Baltic countries.
• Constant communication in English with the team.

Baltic Amadeus

iOS Developer

(May '21 - Dec '23)


• Developing native UIKit and SwiftUI iOS and watchOS applications with one of them being a highly customizable white-label application for three different Lithuanian banks and credit unions.
• Proposing best practices of design changes and additions for building a better user interface and experience.
• Performing code reviews to reduce risk, increase efficiency and ensure high quality.
• Sharing knowledge (e.g. pair programming, workshops) with the team.
• Maintaining Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) automation flows with Fastlane, GitLab and TestFlight.
• Writing mocks and tests for checking code integration and validation.
• Using Git for version control.
• Implementing MVVMi + State Machine, Clean Swift (VIP) and Coordinator architecture patterns.
• Including Apple's Combine framework for asynchronous programming.
• Working in Agile and Scrum development teams.
• Estimating tasks completion time by foreseeing risks, evaluating knowledge, expectations with Atlassian Jira.
• Interviewing, onboarding and mentoring iOS developers to help them gain the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the development of a product as early as possible.
• Leading the iOS mobile development team.
• Working in a structured way to stay organised, focused and efficient.


average variance of estimated and actual time spent on tasks


crash-free users


onboarded developers


applications released


satisfied clients











FinCell team

Mobile guys

Mobile team


Customer Success Manager

(May '19 - May '21)


• Answering customers’ queries and providing reliable information via live chat and email.
• Documenting interactions, handling and resolving incidents, troubleshooting technical issues and educating customers for a product having more than 10 millions users.
• Ensuring excellent customer experience, building and developing customer relationships (led to having quality assurance agents providing additional comments on exceptional friendliness and kindness).
• Different scenarios management using appropriate communication.
• Escalating issues to higher tier support.
• Managing Internal Knowledge Base (IKB).
• Testing internal iOS and macOS applications and providing appropriate feedback.
• Using GitLab for registering iOS and macOS applications issues.
• Familiarizing with enterprise infrastructure.
• Onboarding and teaching beginners support agents.


average work quality assurance evaluation


clients helped


Technical Support Intern

(Mar '18 - Dec '18)


• Helping IT specialists to overcome a variety of obstacles and speed up the tasks. 
• Continuous communication with partners, clients and distributors, fulfilling clients' needs and solving their problems.
• Workflow optimization by creating applications based on PowerShell. 
• IP telephony system configuration.
• Company's development in social media area.
• Familiarizing with IT company infrastructure.

"Very proactive and driven team member with great technical knowledge."

- Lukas Sinkevičius, Team Lead

"Exudes confidence and has a pulsating and friendly personality that allows him to get along others very quickly and well in any setting."

- Eglė Strackaitė, Project Manager

"Detail-oriented, professional and extremely passionate about his craft."

- Vinod Ramamoorthy, Senior Designer

"In a very short period of time Liudas showed that he is highly motivated and skilled. After one year he was already in charge of our iOS platform."

- Žygimantas Girnys, Delivery Manager

Recently launched project 📱

Top #1 Weather app in Lithuania

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